You need to make peace with the fact that everyone’s life is scripted differently and live your life according to your own script. Your script depends on your own decisions, and sometimes fate. One thing I know is you can’t change what has already happened, you only have the power to make the future what you want it.

Some of my age mates didn’t pass grade 12, I did. Some people failed their driving test five times, while some passed from the word go. I on the other hand, went to driving school from 2016 inconsistently due to unforeseen circumstances, got tested in 2018 and failed, rewrote the learners test(coz it had expired) and finally passed this year.

Some people lost their moms, I still have mine. Some people still have both parents, my dad passed on. There are people who were raised in big cities, I was raised in a village. Some parents couldn’t afford cornflakes for their children, mine did. Some people don’t have blankets in this cold season, I do.

Some people failed many grades in high school, I never failed. Most of my age mates have graduated, I haven’t graduated yet. Some of my age mates are engaged or married, I’m not. Bonang made her first million at age 22, I don’t have 5K to my name at the moment.

My mom got her first salary at 23, I’m turning 23 but I’m still trying to get my life together and that’s okay, that’s how my life journey turned out. Well, of course I didn’t expect it to turn out this way, however, it did because of some irrational choice that 18 year old me made. I forgive her.

I am working on healing and working towards being the woman I dream of becoming. I won’t even lie and say it’s a walk in the park. It’s hard! Making your pain your power doesn’t happen instantly. I hope you understood that this wasn’t all about telling you to compare your life with that of others and feel sorry for yourself; or feel like you are superior than others.

This is to tell you to embrace your life. Remember that your life is your OWN RACE, so travel on your OWN LANE, at your OWN PACE. No matter how bad your past is, how painful growing up was for you, or what transpired in your life, either good or bad; you can still show up for yourself and change your life.



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