Make your PAIN your POWER

I promise, there’s power that’s buried in your pain, dig up, find it and use it.

Tsu Baloyi

On the previous blog post, I said I want to tell you a story about myself. I’m still not ready to spill the beans but it’s an academic story. A detailed story will follow one of the good days. My experience got me suffering from severe pain, mostly from October 2018 to early this year.

I would cry almost every day, not want to be around people, be moody, over sleep, not have the energy or drive to do anything(made me inconsistent on YouTube and on this blog), sometimes struggled to get out of bed, and thought of ending my life countless times.

The day I wrote the blog post Only YOU can save YOU is the day I finally decided to start with my healing process. That post saved my life. I have a story to tell and I hope it helps someone. The purpose of today’s post is to let you know you can benefit from your pain.

Pain(be it physical or emotional, regardless of what the cause of the pain is) is unpleasant. Although it is unpleasant, we all go through pain for a good reason. Unfortunately, pain does not give you the chance to believe that you’re going through it for a good cause.

It is capable of making you feel like you’re about to die, nothing is going your way or your life is the worst. In the midst of all those feelings, I want you to remember that you’re going through that pain for a reason, and until you believe that, you’ll never find power in your pain.

Dwelling in the pain and not taking initiative to work on your healing is what will make you think the pain is there to harm you. Healing is not an instant thing, it’s a process. It’s not a nice thing either, feelings are felt and work should be done, mostly if it’s healing emotional pain.

Some days you’ll cry, some days the pain will come back and strike you, some days you’ll feel sad, and sometimes people will remind you about what caused the pain and rekindle the wounds. Go through it until you’re completely healed.

Pay attention to your thoughts during your healing process. Keep them positive all the time and find the power that is hidden in your pain. I promise, there’s power that’s buried in your pain, dig up, find it and use it. Get a reward from that pain. Like the heading says:”make your pain your power”.

Check out what my pain made me do on this Instagram post. I am about to begin with the first season of My Career! My Life on my YouTube Channel, click here to subscribe. I had to go through the pain I went through in order for these beautiful things to happen. Go through the pain and make it your power.



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