5 lessons learnt in 2019

Time flies! I can’t believe we’re in the 6th month of the year already. The past 5 months were lesson after lesson for me and I’d like to share 5 of the many lessons I learnt with you.

I can’t change a person

Even if I can speak to a person countless times about how much I don’t like what he/she does, if he/she doesn’t plan to change, nothing will change. Change is something that comes from the inside, I rather hope and pray for a person to have the zeal to change, not try so hard to force it.

The power of conviction

For the years that I’ve lived, I noticed that whenever I failed at something, I had thoughts that I’d fail, and whenever I succeeded, I had thoughts that I’ll succeed. The truth is, anything that someone believes will work, works. There’s just magic in believing.

It’s never too late to start over

I really want to tell you a story about me, but let’s make that a story for another day, it’s a blog post on its own. For now, let me just say I realized last year that I’ve been sitting on myself and started my YouTube Channel, Life with Tsu and this blog in January this year. I would’ve said I’m way too old, some started at 13, but I didn’t. You too can start.

Success takes more than hard work

Of course hardwork is an important ingredient in the success recipe, I cannot defy that. However, in order to finally succeed you need to break certain habits, persist, persevere, be patient and most importantly, be consistent because success in many cases never comes overnight.

Society doesn’t care

YES! There are some people who form a part of your extended family who don’t care about you, what makes you think society cares? Your name stays in their mouths for hours but they don’t care.

If it happens that they care, the amount is like a grain of salt in a tumbler filled with water. DO YOU, FOR YOU, and those who love you. Stay away from worrying about what people you hardly talk to will say.

I hope you learnt from what I learnt so far.


Tsu ❤️


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  1. I fully concur with all that you discussed above. I always believe that is all what you make it. It is all about the choices that one makes and if a person can make a decision to change their life then nothing ill be able to stop them


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