Here’s a piece that I wrote on this day 2 years ago. I changed his age because obviously he has grown. I learnt the art of true love through my relationship with my brother(Tiyisela), he’s been my best friend since he became a statistic of being a 2000-may I not be murdered for this.

The 19 years that I’ve known him have been the best years of my life, we’ve always been button and shirt, I don’t know what it means to have “serious fights” with your siblings. I still have vivid memories of how he used to cry when he started school, that literally triggered my tear glands and it would be a cry song.

During my childhood years, if you wanted my where abouts, you could just look for my little brother, ‘coz by finding him, you would automatically find me. We were ALWAYS together, literally. Wherever I visited, he was sure to go with me.

I didn’t have to wait to reach puberty and have guys lie to me about loving me until Jesus comes back in order to understand what true love is, I learnt it at home, that’s why it’s so hard for me to stay where I’m taken for granted. I’m a true lover, when I love, I love for real. It all began in my parents’ house.

Finally I just wanna formally and publicly announce that I love my little brother, I think he’s gonna sit by my side on my wedding day so that I spend quality time with him before I leave the Baloyi house. Tiyisela, ndza ku rhandza.

Cherish your siblings, bond with them, you’ll never know how to love someone who comes to your life about 25 years after your birth the right way if you neglect building a healthy relationship governed by love with your siblings.



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