Only YOU can save YOU

Show me one person who can tell me that their life is perfect. I guess you’ll have to look from the Cape to the North and even go to the UAE and still not find a single person. Life tosses and turns us all, and when it does that, it is your own responsibility to save yourself. No one else but YOU.

You definitely need support from friends and family but the only person you are always with is you. No superpowers will ever make them get into your mind and make you take over it. The only person who has your mind is you and whatever you constantly think about yourself is what will manifest.

I have been in a very bad space for a while now, I thank God I don’t look like everything I went through. One day I’ll spill the beans about it. I am lowkey writing this to myself and it’s speaking to me, I hope it speaks to someone who has made mistakes in the past and is trying to make up for the mistakes.

Here’s what I want you and I to live by to help us save ourselves:

1. Believe in yourself

You will never succeed in anything you do if you don’t believe in yourself. Those who thought they would fail but didn’t fail had belief in themselves despite the presence of fear of failure. Download LOA affirmations and affirm everyday to help you boost your belief in yourself. Read about what law of attraction(LOA) is here.

2. Show up

It’s hard to get up when you’re really low but the secret to progressing in life is in telling yourself that you’ll get your freakin’ self out of bed no matter how hard is; and show up for your life, because NO ONE will ever show up for you. Someone really close to me told me:”The only way you’ll be able to change your life is if you get up and DO IT”, so get up and do whatever it is you know will change your life.

3. Have a direction

We often get lost in our own lives because we don’t have a GPS. Plan your day and see how much easier it gets to complete tasks even though the tasks are nowhere close to easy. Plan your day by writing down all your daily goals to help you achieve your short and long term goals. An app called Monday can help with this.

4. Pray

This is what I grew up knowing can move mountains, heal sicknesses and change situations. Play a worship song, read the word of God and pray. God will surely make it happen for you, just remember to take charge of your life after praying because the truth is only you can save you.

5. Forgive yourself

Wherever you are in life right now is 99.99% because of YOU. However, you need to forgive yourself if you’re not pleased with where you are. Start by forgiving yourself,believe in yourself once again, pray, plan, and show up.

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