My Period Journey-Part 2

A quick fast forward to January, schools reopened, and my mom still didn’t know that I started menstruating. Hell broke loose when the period came while I was at school. I stood up to give the bathroom a visit because I felt so uncomfortable, little did I know that I had already stained my skirt, I saw because some people were staring at me.

Nyeleti followed me to the toilet and offered me a pad, bless her. I then took my jersey and tied it on my waist to cover the stain. However the stain didn’t cover the lowered self-esteem, menstrual blood is nowhere close to smelling good, so you can imagine the damage that the stain did.

This is the day I decided to tell my mom. I saw that not telling my mom is gonna add fuel to the fire that was already burning me. When I got home from school, my mom was not at home, so I called her and said:”Mhani, nkombela min vuyela na ti pad”, those are Tsonga words which mean:”Please buy me pads”.

This very day, is also the day that I started experiencing period cramps. My mom came back, and she found me lying uncomfortably on my bed. Those who know my mom know that she’s not a woman of many words, she gave me the pads and handed me something that I call THE MAGIC PILL, its name is Mybulen.

Mybulen has saved me from the heartlessness of PMS and cramps that come during my period. Don’t tell me about yoga, working out, rice socks, warm water, those things failed me. You’re welcome to share what has worked to alleviate period pains for you also. This is the end of the menstruation series, thank you for reading.


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