First Period Saga(Part 1)

Why does it feel like it was yesterday? It’s been a freaking TEN years of being in this bloody industry. I’m now thinking of doing a 10 years anniversary celebration for my periods and I. How about that?


But what am I celebrating? I hate periods, but then again, it’s a blessing to see them because there are some people who didn’t see them at 15, and are 30, or even 40, and still haven’t seen them.

I’m grateful to be counted amongst those who saw their first period between the ages of 12 and 15. My first period came when I was 13, I guess you now know how old I am, but that’s not quite important today. Let me share my story.

My childhood was made up of the best Decembers, I’m saying this because being with family is at the top of the list of things that I love the most. Most Decembers, my cousins and I would visit my late grandmother’s house and aunt’s house interchangeably.

One typical summer day, my aunt came to fetch us, you now know the drill right? The moment I got inside the car and sat is the moment I saw a reddish-brown stain that had already dried, now that I’m thinking of it, I realise that it was hours since the blood got discharged.

I knew immediately that it was menstrual blood because our Life Orientation teacher had equipped us when I was still 11. When we got to my aunt’s house, I washed my nude pants and underwear.

It was all good until I used a tissue paper as a sanitary pad, why wouldn’t I? I hadn’t told my aunt about what I saw. Poor Tsu didn’t even know how long it lasts, it was tragic. I asked my aunt to take me home, she refused to take me home but I begged until she agreed.


I got home and took pads from my mom’s room without her knowledge, remember I said my LO teacher equipped me? But still, I had to tell my mom, I didn’t know how to tell her.

The cycle came and went while I was progressively “stealing” pads from my mother’s drawer. Where did I think it would take me? How could I do that to myself?

Is it normal? Did any of you feel embarrassed to tell family about your first period? I would love to hear your first period experiences, even if they are embarrassing like mine. 😂



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