Menstruation Situation


Picture from Eco Femme

I think I should formally apologize to my male followers because this blog will be a bit biased, we’ll be focusing more on women than men. Nevertheless, you’re still welcome to stick around. You can rest assured that your stay will not be in vain.

I was about to say:”Periods affect…”,then I came back to my senses. Periods are not a disease, they are not an illness, so they don’t affect women, however, a large number of women go on their period. Of course, that’s what I said, let’s not forget our sisters who are faced with amenorrhea, i.e. the absence of periods.

Gonadal dysgenesis, endometriosis, Turner syndrome, hypothalamic amenorrhea, testicular feminization and polycystic ovarian syndrome are not myths, these are prominent conditions that affect our sisters out there. These conditions result in the absence of menstruation or irregular menstrual cycles.

On the other hand those who have normal periods have their own struggles. Finding the best pads can be a hassle, I still don’t know which pads are ideal for me, that’s bad. Using a tampon may be uncomfortable for others. I won’t talk about a menstrual cup because I’ve never used it, anyway, I’m open to trying it so please suggest a brand.

Mood swings and cramps also have a tendency of invading your life. Periods are definitely not my best friend. On the next post, I’ll share My Periods Journey, be sure to follow the blog so that you don’t miss it. I’ll share a period hack that has worked for me over the years also. You don’t wanna miss it.

For now, take care of yourself and show yourself some self love.




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