Matric Results Day


I remember the day I got my matric results like it was yesterday. I got an admission to Bachelor’s degree pass, topped with 3 distinctions. My mom and whole family were very happy and proud of me. Reminiscing about that moment just vividly brought back the memories.

Then, I got to understand that the class of 2018 mus be going through a cascade of excitement episodes. Congratulations class of 2018; the anticipation has finally ended, you have finally reaped the rewards of your hardwork.

However, we all know that at school, there are two things involved, it’s either you pass or you fail. It’s also an obvious case that there are those who failed. I will not say the cliché words:”If you failed, go back to school and try again”.

Here is what I have to say:

Identify the reason why you failed. Is it because there were a lot of destructions? Work on moving them out of your way and go back to school.

Is it because your mind was unstable because something painful happened? Work on it by finding someone to help you deal with it and go back to school. You will do better if you use a better approach, I promise.

As a Tsonga girl who grew up in South Africa since day one, I know how much passing matric is over-glorified in our country. Of course passing matric is one of the greatest milestones in life, but we have to remember that we are not our grades, read on.

It is possible that you failed because your strong point has nothing to do with the classroom. We as black people have been programmed to think the only acceptable way to succeed in life is by going to school.

I would say go back to school and try again if you know that what you want needs you to do so. Do not be deceived, university is not for everyone, just as “not going to university” is not for everyone.

Sit down and evaluate yourself, categorize yourself into one of the above categories and do what is meant for you. To those who are going to university, I hope you chose the right courses, I can’t stress the importance of that enough.

It is also okay to take a gap year if you are not sure about what you are meant to do, or else you will go to university only to waste your time and money; I’m sure that’s not what you wanna do. It is better to go late than to regret going early.

I welcome you to the post-matric world. It is going to be a fun roller-coaster adventure , don’t be afraid to make mistakes, just be sure to learn from them. Do not leave your work ethics, morals and good habits with high school, take them with you into the big cities in order to succeed. ❤️


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