New Year! New Me!

For the years that I’ve lived, I often heard quite a lot of people saying the above words year after year; but does a new year really change people? No! Look at this as another day that you have to live.

A new you will not magically be established because it’s a new year. However, if you change the way you were doing things the previous year for the better, a new you is definitely promised.

Christians have probably received words of prophecy from their spiritual leaders. Ever heard of “year of breakthrough” and the likes?

I personally do not understand why they label years because:1.Every pastor names it what they want to name it, and 2.It makes people think whatever words that the pastor uttered will come on a silver platter.

I believe that the year can become anything that you want to make of it, you have it inside you to declare everything you want this year to be like and work on it everyday. Actions are the only way to get you where you want to go.

THIS IS YOUR YEAR! Yes, I said it! This is your year to shape, this is your year to drive. Take this year into your hands and mold it into any shape you want it to take, a year is as malleable as clay, be this year’s potter, and watch it turn into your year.

If what you are planning to do is to take your pastor’s prophetic words, have faith and fold your hands; unfortunately this will not be your year.

If you find yourself saying:”This was not my year”, at the end of this year; know that the only person you should blame is YOU! You are the only person you’re always with, and you’re the only person who will make your dreams come true.

I wish you a year of dominion, dominion that will result in you saying:”2019 was my year”, on the 31st of December. I wish you a year filled with action, action that will channel you towards achieving your goals. 


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